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At Benson Financial Solutions, we are   committed to helping you achieve your  business and personal goals and your  financial security!   Our primary focus  is serving small to medium size  businesses and their key executives.


We apply high standards of integrity and objectivity in our relationship with you. As an independent and objective business and personal advisor, we work as a true Advocate for You and Your Best Interests, serving with strong values and integrity, which is rare and separates us from the crowd.

We can assess your business management, operational, financial, and tax situation and goals, as well as any personal financial information you wish to share, and provide you with the highest quality information, services, and solutions to help you reach your goals and have a more secure life with less stress..

We help you optimize the keys to your financial growth and security.Key image with $

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About Our Firm


Benson Financial Solutions is a business management, operations, financial, and tax advisory and services firm for small businesses and their key executives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, led by a licensed Business CPA and serving clients with Trust, Integrity and Excellence for over 40 Years.  Our firm cares about you as our client, and about your business and personal future.  We are here to serve and guide you successfully through the many phases of your business and life and help you achieve your goals.

Benson Financial Solutions will help you and your business find and implement the right solutions.  Our goal is to help you attain Financial Security in your business and your personal life.  We help businesses succeed, and business success breeds personal success.   We are your Advocate in this.

We offer Small Businesses and their Key Executives a wide range of services as a business management & operations advisor, financial & tax consulting, CFO/Controller services, tax planning services, and estate planning services using our extensive experience and expertise.  In addition to having a broad management, operational, and financial based background, we have significant tax knowledge to help you do tax planning and save taxes.  However, we do not do tax returns because that requires full-time dedication to staying current with the complex federal and state tax laws and having sophisticated tax software to properly serve clients on their tax returns.  Learn more on our Services page.

Benson Financial Solutions is led by David Benson, a Business CPA with a strong background in public accounting, small business management/operations/financial leadership, business advisor services, CFO and Controller services, and financial & tax consulting services.  He is a seasoned business, operations, and financial executive and professional with over 40 years of success in meeting the needs of the companies and personal clients he has served.  David has honed his financial, business, and personal skills in a variety of roles which gives him a broad and unique perspective and expertise in many areas which benefit his clients.

David's personal mission is to help other people and their businesses thrive.  He is dedicated to doing what is best for those he serves with high standards for excellence and ethics.  He works hard to create lasting value for businesses and individuals with professionalism, integrity, creative intelligence, clear communication, and common sense.

We help you stay on course to financial growth and long term security.

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